Clinical Research

Cohort Based Studies

There has been a progressive increase in therapies for patients with relapsed and refractory (R/R) peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCLs) in the last decade, including antibody-drug conjugates, epigenetic modifiers, small molecule inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies. Their comparative efficacy to conventional chemotherapy (CC) globally remains unknown. We are performing an international collaborative study spanning multiple centers across 6 continents for patients with R/R PTCLs with diverse histological epidemiology, demographics, treatment patterns and drug access to assess response rates and overall survival of SA in comparison with CC. We intend to incorporate state of the art machine learning tools to predict outcomes to various drugs and generate pragmatic prognostic tools in the contemporary era.

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Lymphoma Biorepository

Alongside Drs Louissaint, Soumerai and Abramson we participate in generation and maintenance of a large tissue bank of serial patient-derived frozen lymphoma specimens including tumor biopsies, plasma, cfDNA, PBMCs and  saliva. These specimens are highly annotated and connected to a large clinical database that stores associated clinical, pathologic and genetic information. This is an invaluable resource that supports the research efforts in the lymphoma division and provides impetus to internal and external collaborations. 

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